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This phase is where we gather information and get a handle on the behaviors and thinking styles of individual staff, understanding the environment as a whole and the current state of operations.

We recommend the following options to get started:

Some members (or all, your choice) of the managerial staff would have the Talinsight assessments done to understand more of the following areas: Motivational Style, Thinking Style, Behavioral Style. Basically you would learn what motivates them meaning what drives them. Why do they think they way they do and how can you leverage that information to increase performance. Finally why do they behave the way they do and how can you have a more engaged work force. We recommend that you take the assessment first for yourself to see what it is like and how accurate and insightful it can be. This is done remotely with an online link that we send you. This trio of assessments take approximately 30 minutes.  You then will receive a 28-page report which Dr. Elia will debrief you over the phone. The debrief lasts about an hour.  This is the most cutting edge Performance Development tool. After you take it, you can then determine who if any of your management team should take it.  For the future, Talinsight can also be used for Talent Selection, meaning hiring the right key employees for the right position. 

A corporate culture online survey is distributed to staff to include standard questions and tailor made questions specific to your area of business. You and I can discuss which specific questions would yield the most relevant information to gauge the level of staff motivation, engagement, satisfaction and commitment. We then create a plan together (and most likely with your board as well) for changes that we can make to help improve employee attitude and motivation through an increase in job satisfaction, benefits and incentives, career path development and better overall communication. The goal being to get alignment with YOUR vision, mission and goals for the organization. 

An on-site assessment would be done to see how staff are working, their environment, their level of engagement, their personal development goals and the current morale of the organization. This is done by shadowing key staff members in different areas, review of training materials and business handbooks,  sit downs with staff individually where they can share some of their recommendations for improving productivity and satisfaction from their perspective. 

After the on-site evaluation is done the information is then gathered and analysed to then create a tailor made plan (with your input) for moving forward with a training for staff to improve customer service, team building, productivity and hiring and training practices. 


These are our recommendations for the implementation of the plans created from phase one:

This begins our Best Year Yet training! With your's and your staff's participation we help you create transparency, empowerment and most important mutual accountability for the coming year. This would be done in January on sight with quarterly follow ups. 

Begin the implementation of the staff customer service training and hiring/training practices. The initial training would be done on site for the course of 1 -2 days. There would be additional support for key staff members through out the first 3 months to make sure that policy is being followed and that the staff are able to get on board with the new systems in place. 

Optional Recommendations

Team building -  This can be done in a one or two day Offsite Retreat or Onsite Workshops were staff are brought together to help learn team building skills through tested developmental tools including exercises in communication, corporate culture, emotional intelligence and positive behaviors. 

Leadership training -  This can be done on an ongoing basis with reviews set every quarter -key members of the managerial staff are chosen for Individual Coaching based on their Talinsight results.  The objective of this training is to help bring out the skills and abilities which can be best used to help the organization. Identify areas that need improvement and give them the tools necessary to become the best version of themselves professionally and personally. 

Work/Home Life Balance workshop. This is a day long workshop in which staff learn techniques for reducing stress, avoiding burnout, healthy work & life habits, priority setting and better overall day to day balance.