Webinar #4 will be next Sunday again at 11am


This webinar will be on COMMUNICATION and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.  This is going to be co hosted with my special guest Lic Therapist Samantha Napoli.


     In this webinar we are going to be talking about some of the challenges we face in communicating effectively with others. Through the years of my coaching work the number one issue i have discovered to be the cause of conflict in a  relationship  has been communication. Samantha will share with all of us some useful tips in how to communicate better and how to help avoid and resolve conflicts when they do arise so that we can take the steps necessary to creating more peace and less stress in our daily lives.  If you find that so many MISUNDERSTANDINGS seem to be creating stress in your relationships.. then this is the webinar for you!!


A little about Samantha:

  Samantha Napoli maintains a master’s degree and License in Clinical & Mental health counseling. Enthusiasm for the community, coupled with extensive training and past experience in well-respected counseling facilities, has qualified her to bring to life a vision of guidance to support those with a variety of needs. In the past, she has provided the following services in the professional settings of schools, mental health hospitals, recovery centers, and medically assisted programs:

Individual Counseling
Family Counseling
Group Counseling
Academic Counseling
Guidance Classroom Lessons
Addictions Counseling

Due to her passion and interest in psychology and previous work experience, she has been fortunate to hone the skills of establishing true connection, presenting honest ideas, and offering sincere advice. She genuinely enjoys listening to, talking with, and assisting others. She has experience working with varying personality types and relishes in the differences of others.


This is part four of a 4 Part Series to learn the basics of Metaphysics in order to learn how to release the blocks that are keeping you from reaching your goals and in turn shift your energy in order to allow and manifest what you truly desire. We will do this by 1- learning about our energies and how we are all interconnected through them, 2 - basic tools for removing energy that is of a lower frequency (blocks), 3 - self love and what we can do to improve our own energy, 4 - the art of manifestation and co-creating the world we desire.



If you are NOT able to attend either time please let me know and i will send you a link to the recording AFTER the webinar that will be active for a week after


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