THE RELATIONSHIP COMMUNICATION webinar is here!  It will be held on Thursday November 21st at 9pm EST. If you can't join live, just request the link for the recorded webinar and watch any time at your convenience up to a week later.


    Are you happy with the quality of communication in all the relationships in your life currently? Don't worry, no one is... It is something we are ALL in the process of learning. Being in any kind of relationship and learning to communicate is truly like learning a foreign language for the first time.   The Webinar on Relationship Communication is an essential tool for anyone who is looking to improve communication inside of any type or relationship. Whether it is a relationship that is romantic, family, friends or even co-workers, COMMUNICATION is the number one area that causes the most stress and strife. Taking the time to learn some simple tools which will help improve communication, deescalate potential blowups and come to resolution quicker will bring more peace and tranquility to your life. 


This 30min webinar will give some basic tools to achieve this and manifest greater overall happiness within the relationships in your life. Please join Dr Dawn as she uses techniques in Metaphysics, NLP and Energy work to help teach you how to develop these tools to greater benefit your life now!


If you can join live, then i look forward to seeing you then. If you can't join live then simply ask for the link to watch the webinar at any time you choose up to a week later!

30min Webinar - Relationship Communication

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