Next Sunday 3-10 at 11am and this webinar will be part two of NO MORE FEAR & WORRY -where it comes from and how to overcome it.


This webinar will once again be co-hosted with Lic Therapist Samantha Napoli as she brings her expertise and education to the discussion.


In part two of this webinar we are going to talk about the bad habit of worry and learn some techniques how to quiet the mind and do things from a place of faith rather than a place of fear.


We will also discuss understanding fear and how to release it from our bodies. All the negative energies which hold us back can be overcome in order to flow more easily with the universe and manifest the life we want rather than draw to us the experiences which we most fear and worry about.  


Now is your time to break from from the thoughts and feelings that feel "uncontrollable". Take back control of your mind and find more peace.



If you are NOT able to attend either time please let me know and i will send you a link to the recording AFTER the webinar that will be active for a week after

45 min live webinar - PART TWO NO MORE FEAR & WORRY

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