Please join me this Sunday 5 - 5. at 11:00 for the first of a three part series of webinars on narcissism, emotional abuse and their codepedant relationships.

    Whether the relationship is one of friendship, romantic or family we are likely to come across people in our lives who seem to take more than they give, make us wonder if we are going crazy and yet we still feel like it is a relationship we can't break free from or even create a distance in.

     In this series we are going to talk about how we recognize narcissistic behaviours, identify emotional abuse and acknowledge any codependent relationships. Then we will discuss how we can best react to these behaviours,  the choices we may make about creating boundaries or disconnecting completely if necessary and how to avoid (ie not attract) these kind of relationships in the future.

 If you can, please join me live on Sunday for this very informative and important webinar. If you can't be there live then please register and you can watch the recording later on ๐Ÿ™โค๐Ÿ™

45 Min Webinar - Narcissism, Emotional Abuse and the Co-dependencies they create

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