Self Love and Love Attraction - The premise of this webinar is to learn about the metaphysical tools to increase your love of self and align your energy with the manifestation of love in all forms. Whether it is friends, family or relationship - the art of self love is the number one principle that must be achieved first in order to attract healthy relationships into our life. Learn techniques for setting boundaries, raising energy, speaking our truth and learning to allow.


This is part three of a 4 Part Series to learn the basics of Metaphysics in order to learn how to release the blocks that are keeping you from reaching your goals and in turn shift your energy in order to allow and manifest what you truly desire. We will do this by 1- learning about our energies and how we are all interconnected through them, 2 - basic tools for removing energy that is of a lower frequency (blocks), 3 - self love and what we can do to improve our own energy, 4 - the art of manifestation and co-creating the world we desire.


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Past Webinar Recording : Self Love and Love Attraction

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