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There are three levels of Guides which I am blessed enough to communicate with during sessions. This allows me advise and instruct by accessing ancient wisdom, those who have passed on and the universal consciousness. Everyone has many guides around them helping to direct and protect us in our day to day life. Their messages are always ones of hope and of love. There are no future predictions, we have free will and at any time can direct the course of our lives. Our guides are here to advise us on the best way to bring us to our higher good, to protect us and to send us love and light every day! 

Level One - Those from a past life. We have all had many lives before we came to this life in this form. Although we are often born in groups of souls together some souls remain on the other side to serve as our guides. Often there message is to remind you of experiences in a past life to help guide you with lessons still left to be learned, provide direction and insight and to generally protect.

Level Two - Those from this life present. These guides can be people whom we may have known in this life or who were just crossing over as we were coming in. They may be relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. There message is as varied and unique as the person who comes for a session. This connection can allow words left unsaid in the physical plain to be expressed as well as offering most clients a sense of closure, relief and most often laughter and joy!

Level Three - Your Angel Guides. These are the guides who have reached the twelfth level of ascension and they have elected not to come back to the physical world at this time. These guides are assigned to us at birth and are constantly with us to protect us, help us to heal, give us unconditional love and guide us along the journey of our life. 

I am ready to help you to contact your guides today.  

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