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How would you like to ask a question or just receive guidance each day for the next 30 days?  -


The Angel Guidance package offers you a message created specifically FOR YOU each day. It can be in response to a question you send me (text, email or call)  or just a general message for the day. The message is found through card work, crystal connection and angelic guidance. Each day just for you. 


Each day i sit and meditate on your energy and your specific needs through metaphysics and kabbalah work. I ask guidance to show me what to do in order to best serve you and your needs. Whether it is health related, relationship, finance, emotional - etc. I will be given the message to share with you..  it can be a card, a task that needs to be followed with information detailed for you or even a message transcribed from your guides directly. 

I am offering this special daily message for only $1 a day. That is $30 for a whole month of guidance.


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