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This entitles the recipient to a one hour session with Dawn. This session can be live or via video chat.   


Session is for NLP work.  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a short term goal-oriented and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving. By finding ways to reprogram the conversations we have within, we are able to create new pathways of thinking and feeling. This allows us to retrain how we deal with old thought patterns and habits.NLP techniques provide new ways of dealing with emotional problems and has been successfully used with weight reduction and many other healthier lifestyle choices. There are also clearly physical benefits from an NLP session in coping with stress, fear and emotionally induced pain response.

 A detailed email with notes from the session will be sent afterwards and the session includes a free 15min follow up via chat or text. 


Session is good for one year from purchase

NLP Coaching Session (1HR)

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