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Organic Hand Sanitizer


 1 60ml (2oz) bottle of Organic Hand Sanitizer. 

  • Kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Irritating
  • 80% Alcohol
  • Made in the USA


This hand sanitizer is compounded according to the following formula consistent with the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations.

  • Alcohol (ethanol) (formulated to 80%, volume/volume (v/v)) in an aqueous solution
  • Glycerin (glycerol) (1.45% v/v)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (0.125% v/v)
  • Purified distilled water USP


Combining the healing power of Aroma Therapy and the health giving benefits of organic hand sanitizer..

..every spray supports and restores good health.


Use the organic base sanitizer and add as much or as little essential oil as you like to create your own scented sanitizer.


Organic Hand Sanitizer

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